Baby Crying When Feeding Bottle

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Baby Crying When Feeding Bottle

If your baby cries while drinking a bottle consistently, it’s a signal that something is wrong aside from that one specific bottle. That means it’s more than likely not the temperature of the formula, etc. Instead, one of these common reasons: If your little one is fussing during feeding time, it might be that the nipple flow is too slow.

Why Does My Baby Cry After Feeding?

Your baby can be fussy and refuse to settle down after eating if he suffers from colic, a condition in which your baby cries uncontrollably without any apparent cause. It can also be from a digestive problem such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, where the fluids and digested food come back up into your newborn’s throat.

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Why Do Babies Cry While Feeding?

Another common reason babies cry after feeding has to do with gas. Babies’ bodies are still developing their basic skills. A baby who swallows too much air during feedings may not be able to process the extra gas easily. This leads to pressure and distension and can cause crying and extreme discomfort after meals.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bottle Feeding?

The Advantages of Bottle Feeding. Just as babies bond with their mothers while they are feeding, they also bond with other people who are feeding them. If there are siblings present then allowing them to bottle feed the baby is a very good way to give them a chance to make an intimate connection with their new little brother or sister.

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